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I can't deny the significant impact BeachBody programs have been in my health and mental strength this year.  Here's the skinny (or not so skinny) of my results since I started with BeachBody.

I really started seeing dramatic results to my body about 2.5 months into the program. I felt stronger with more energy and endurance within the very first week!  I just knew that this was going to be life changing.  I had no idea just how life changing it would be. Losing 35 lbs inspired my neuro-opthamalogist to order an MRI that found Meningioma brain tumors before I had symptoms.  

Because of the work I had put in daily over the last year, my body was strong, my mind was ready, and I knew I could conquer this health complication.  Without the BeachBody workout and nutrition structure and especially the accountability groups, community, and personal development the program includes - I wouldn't have had the confidence to walk into that hospital and more importantly - walk out. 

April/May 2016 (Size 12-14)

July 2016 (Size 8-10)

January 2017 (Size 6)

April 2017 (Size 4)

 (Right before Brain Surgery)

November 2017
(size 4) 
6 months out from surgery-
maintaining and feeling really strong! 

January 2019  (size 4)

Still on this happy healthy train! 

If you are inspired a bit by my story and want to start working on your health and fitness, I'd love to help!  I'll guide you through a structure of
  • eating clean w/portion control
  • working out daily at home
  • personal development
  • 1:1 coaching
  • a group of rockstar supporters online to keep you going with new ideas and motivation
It's not as expensive as you think! I cancelled my gym membership and lowered my grocery bill doing the things we are supposed to do anyway. Eat well and exercise.  I also save time and stress with meal prep and planning that makes me more successful with the plan as well

We build in "cheats" so you never have to give up your favorite treats or drinks.

Find me on instagram @holly.ann.thompson or send me a message on Facebook

I can help you reach your goals just like I've crushed an pushed past mine!

I also am looking for teachers that want to duplicate this program and be a self care influencer in their own schools and communities! Message me to work with you!

xoxo - Holly

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