Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Eat Those Veggies!


Did you know that I used to be a salad chef at a small foodie cafe by my parent's house? I seriously took PRIDE in crafting  each salad for the patron. I wanted them to look like art! Perfectly rowed Cobbs, the chopsticks and umbrella perched perfectly in the Asian, the chicken cut on the bias to be as juicy as it could be atop of the bed of romaine and anchovies. I would carefully place that salad in the window and be so excited as I knew it would be presented with flourish.

But we hear so many limiations with health/fitness programs about salads and I'm always looking at the calories and freaking out - so boy was I thrilled to hear this straight from the creator of the nutrition program I am becoming a certified mentor for! (Soooo cool to be on the front lines of this!)

"It is most important for you to have a positive association with vegetables - and for your kids to see you have a  positive association with vegetables!" 

So eat the decadent restaurant salad, put the cheese on the broccoli, blend the spinach into shakes! Just get the nutritious veggies in your body! 

My favorite way these days is to order the amazingly prepared veggie sides at restaurants.  The lemon asparagus, the sauteed garlicky green beans, or tonight the roasted Brussels with the caper aioli at Pizza Luce.  The chefs KNOW how to make these things delicious - even if you don't at home.  

Change your thought from "ugh, I have to eat boring salad" to "YES, salads someone else prepares are always better than the ones I make at home!"

If you want more veggie tips, I got em with this positive weightloss program - so PM me, or hey, share your fav veggie thoughts below! We can learn from each other!