Thursday, June 14, 2018

So what are these challenge groups you do?

I am so excited you are interested in learning more about this teacher group! I'm sooooo excited for it! We want to get your stuff ordered right away so it gets here in time to use during the first week. Shipping always takes longer than I wish it did so here's the components:

The workouts are online and can be streamed on a ton of different devices. I have used my computer, phone, or iPad. I plan to do mine in my backyard while the kids play (maybe even with the sprinkler on). This is the same company as P90X- but don't worry there are so many programs to choose from from Gentle Yoga, Dance, MMA, all the way to more intense boot camps. We will pick the perfect one for you to start with. I honestly am so excited for the new one coming out right now because it's shorter than the other workout plans I've been doing and just combines everything so fast paced. Just to get it all done!

THIS is the part that is usually the hardest for people, but gets you 70% of your results. There are 2 different nutrition plans depending on what you are looking for or think will work best with your life. I like them both for different reasons.

1. The containers help you wrap your head around the meal plan and portion control in the simplest way I have ever done. I use mine as a measuring cup. Actually having them is way easier than trying to remember cup equivalents for the different food groups. This is how I started and how I lost my weight.

2. The 2B mindset program actually walks you through food groups, your mindset, how to handle parties, how to shop, etc in videos from a registered dietitian who lost 100 lbs herself on the plan. Then you simply eat 3 meals a day plus an optional snack following a plate it method - so there isn't portioning but a % of your plate are different food groups. This one really helps me not think about food all the time, but teaches me how to cook to enjoy lots of veggies :)

Shakeology is a superfood protein shake that has tons of amazing ingredients and benefits all in a simple glass. We usually blend them with ice and other clean mix ins like spinach and fruit for a filling and delicious snack or meal. I love my cafe latte smoothie each morning on my way to work.

Also -brand new and only for members of our team- there is an added FULL weekly menu, recipes, and shopping lists called Dinners on Demand that will be sent to you for at least 4 weeks after you buy the full challenge pack. It's created specifically for our programs by a registered dietitian! (It's amazing!)

Then, I'll guide you to some great podcasts or books to help get your mind in the game. I think we are going to pick a book to read together that will help us with our health & with teaching.

The coaching and accountability groups are the glue that holds it all together. It's basically a community to look forward to checking in with each morning on your patio as you sip your coffee.

There is also a brand new workout program coming out that is only 4 days per week, 32 workouts you never repeat in the 8 weeks, with a total hottie trainer all the guys want to be and all the girls want to meet. 😍😉

It's so perfect for summer - leaves room and time for fun and will be so good for weekend away or vacations.

The cost depends on which nutrition plan you want to start with.

Does this sound like it might help you meet any goals, too? What questions/thoughts do you have so far? Thanks for reading this mini novel - hee hee - Message me back and we can discuss these options to personalize them for you!

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