Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 23

This #transformationtuesday is so different from the usual. But I suppose my life is different these days, too. I've got major workout restrictions, the top of my to do list is taking naps, and I'm eating a few extra sweet treats that are arriving at my door each day.

The photo on the left was taken the week before my surgery. It was one of my last real workouts and #tshirttuesday. I felt strong and physically ready to handle something I was honestly terrified for.  I was terrified of not surviving the surgery - of some little problem that would be out of my control. But I was never scared of my recovery.  I knew that my mind and body were as strong as they could be.  As soon as I had control again, I was confident that I would be ok. That first week in the hospital was much harder than I expected. The pain was managed, but I have never felt so weak and helpless.  I needed the nurse to feed me, I just wanted to be sleeping so I could wake up "healed." I was thankful for the strong pain meds not just for the pain, but because the week felt like a blur.  A blur I needed to get through it. The photo on the top right was my last day in the hospital and I needed a "Flex Friday" post for the end of my challenge group. I know I looked strong and great, but I felt apprehensive on how we were going to manage my recovery at home when I still needed so much care. The one on the bottom was yesterday's first "workout" selfie since surgery. (Thank you stretching yoga!!)

One day at a time is not something I do well, but that is what it has taken to get me to today. 3 weeks later - a head clear enough to write a meaningful post, enough energy to work on some cool stuff I've been wanting to do for awhile (stay tuned!), and a time frame far enough away to understand the seriousness of what I have gone through, how far I have come, and the patience I need to finish recovering. I couldn't have done this with out the amazing support from so many friends and family - especially the husband.

What hasn't transformed is my focus on healthy eating to fuel my body, getting in some sort of light movement Beachbody style and walks when the weather cooperates, listening to my favorite podcasts and audiobooks to keep growing my mind, drinking my amazing Shakeology for fuel and energy even when I don't feel like eating, and checking in to cheer on my challengers who get to be sweaty for 30 minutes everyday (sooo jealous!). Even with the amazing #mealtrain dinners, leftovers, and extra treats because this healing body is STARVING, I'm still implementing the healthy habits that I encourage in my challenge groups.  

So this week, I have learned that transformation doesn't always mean doing something new.  Even though my body is in place of healing, my healthy habits and attitude have remained the same. #iamteambeachbody #gratitude #brainsurgery #recovery #day23 #hardestthingiveeverdone #butididit 

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