Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oh yeah, I can't lay on my left side

So last night, I was feeling pretty good.  I did a great Yoga session (Yes, Doc, I'm almost following my restrictions.) I had a lovely day.  It's nice to "forget" I had surgery for awhile.  The fatigue is getting better, but I'm pretty grateful for my afternoon nap to keep me going until bedtime.  

But then it is bedtime - and for years - The first sleeping position I assume each night is on my left side. I do all of the night time things including drinking a sip of water, shutting off the light, and then snuggling into my pillow.  Except, I can't.  Not right now.  Today was the first day I forgot that it's still uncomfortable to lay that way.  I tried, but sadly switched back to my right with that twinge of gratitude that I feel good enough most of the time to "forget." Each day, surgery is a little further away in the calendar, and in my mind.

(started writing at the end of June - published after life got less crazy!)

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