Sunday, September 24, 2017

Monday Mornings or Friday Afternoons?

I recently heard this quote "Do you feel the same about Monday Mornings as you do on Friday afternoons?" The answer for me is YES! I am beyond excited to go from a job I love to a fun and healthy family, a couple of side gigs, lots of friends, a little rest, and then back to the job I love. But it didn't come easy or overnight.

When I got to college, I thought I finally had this freedom to figure out "who I am." I thought I maybe knew in high school, but then when I got to the next part of life, I realized there was a whole lot I didn't know I didn't know. I learned more, failed more, tried more things, and explored myself to figure out who I wanted to become. If you didn't go to college, you just got to the next stage here a little faster :) I exited that time with hope and excitement and a heck of a lot of fear.

Then there's the quarter life crisis. I had mine, I'm just not sure I knew it at the time. The things I thought I knew about myself in college were just the beginning. The 20s held multiple new jobs, a growing relationship, and the pressure for success and forever love started to feel like even more pressure. I know I was stuck between a past, safe, world I missed and terrified for the unknown of my future life. I had my love and my friends, but I didn't have my purpose.

Then it was the 30s. I really felt like I knew life. I figured out my calling and knew immediately that I would be a librarian forever. My idea of my "fall back" career of soccer mom now seemed unneeded. I got to travel and enjoy life with my love. The kids came and stretched me into the role of motherhood in a way I couldn't begin to grasp. How some days I never want them to grow up and snuggle with them all day, and some I wish they could just feed and bathe themselves and get the heck out of my way.

Now, as I'm finishing the 30s, I'm keenly aware that I don't know what the next decade will bring. I can hopefully assume we will all be healthy and alive at the end of it, my kids will bathe themselves this decade, that Marshall and I will figure out how to manage growing careers with growing children and still have time to grow us. That happiness isn't just one of the things - but all of the things combined.

I love love love what I do at work. I love love love my 2 part time gigs. I love that I live with my best friend even if we never have time to see each other. I love the joy that comes with the baby snuggles and the excitement of a 5 year old. Everywhere I go right now, I have much to look forward to.

No wonder I feel like the luckiest person I know! How do you feel about those Monday Mornings and Friday afternoons and what can you do to be excited each time?

If you are dreading the workday tomorrow, ask yourself why? Then send me a message, I've been reading a LOT of books and would love to guide you to a little joy and clarity. The bliss might not be as hard to get as you think!

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