Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Just Another #TransformationTuesday

I often forget how many people I meet (especially with new staff at the beginning of a school year) that only know me right now.  They don't know how I looked and felt a year and a half ago.  I'm glad for that.  I'm an improved and stronger me - and that's the me I'm excited people get to know.  However, As I celebrated some teammates this weekend in weight loss over 100lbs - I realized I had NO IDEA that's where they came from.  I only know them now - and I love hearing seeing the photos of their results!

That first photo I took, I did it in my basement.  With a sheepish mind and a lot of embarrassment.  I hid these photos in a folder thinking it was crazy that I took them.  But I'm glad I did - you can never go back.  This journey has been a day to day one.  One I don't always notice and I often don't see in the mirror. The pictures remind me of where I started.

I felt fat, I felt like my clothes looked terrible, and I would often leave the house thinking I look "good enough"

Then one day I started.  Almost everyday, I pressed play on my workouts, ate well, and filled my mind with love and acceptance (still do!) As each day went on, I felt that same way. Every day. I am fat, is this working? I feel good, but I don't look good.

I felt the same way. Everyday.

Until I didn't. Until one day, I noticed my pants were too loose, and the pants from my basement showed I hadn't dropped one size, but 2! That was fun!

I am thrilled to pull on my jeans right now. Everyday. But I still get lost in the day to day. The scale isn't moving, I'm feeling flabby, I am not noticing things. Until I do.

This picture of me with co-worker and coach Alex this weekend -  just reminded me of WOW! I look awesome. I feel awesome. #transformationtuesday rocks this week!

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