Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It's Not Fair

It's Not Fair It's Not Fair by Melanie Dale
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I actually heard about this book on my favorite podcast (coffee + crumbs) when they were talking about a totally unrelated topic of making mom friends. They breifly mentioned this book, and I knew it would be great for me after our recent loss of our amazing friend (The best man in my wedding!) This book is inspired by the feelings after miscarriage, but she touches on all life situations that mean that life isn't going to turn our how you planned with a focus on grief. It's really a great read for anyone dealing with any sort of life change. There were moments I laughed out loud and my favorite was a section on 100 things to do for someone who is grieving. It's a list. A good one. I did some of them immediately for my friend, the best man's wife, and those acts brought her (and me) just a little bit of joy.

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